National Flood Data

Simple FEMA Flood Zone Lookup

FEMA Flood Lookup

National Flood Data offers the industry's most user-friendly FEMA flood zone search tool.

  • Data always up-to-date
  • Address autocomplete
  • Modern map
  • Easy pdf export (example)
  • lat/lng or "current location" search
  • Previous searches stored

$9.50 for Ten Lookups. Monthly users may make 100 lookups in any 30 period for $14.95 per month.A company plan has one administrator and up to 20 users for $99.00 total per month. Cancel anytime.

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FEMA Flood Data API

National Flood Data provides a wholesale FEMA flood data API for integration into our partners' products. Raw data and maps may be called and embedded using an address or latitude and longitude. We offer an attractive map display of flood regions and the parcel concerned. National Flood Data's FEMA flood data is updated regularly. A fully transparent explanation of our data delivery system and the latest coverage updates are available in our flood documentation: Flood Documentation Our transparent format makes integration easy and inexpensive .

National Flood Data

National Flood Data provides FEMA flood data to the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries. We are a small company with the most modern technology in the industry. That means a better product, a more responsive partner and lower prices than CoreLogic, ServiceLink, Pitney Bowes or other large providers can offer.